Get the look of designer jeans with the comfort of sweat pants or PJs!

Worn by fashion models and celebrities,
Comfortisse™ Jeans will fit any figure perfectly,
every time!

Comfortisse™ Jeans

  • Great value
  • Gently caress your skin
  • Smooth and slimming
  • Fit perfectly whether you
    gain or lose 20 lbs.

normal Jeans

  • Expensive
  • Stiff and confining
  • Don't flatter your shape

Figure flattering, No matter your size or shape.

"They feel amazing. They feel soft. I've never worn jeans like these, before." - K. Allen

Feels like a sexy second skin on you, no matter what you do in them!

Eurosoft Cotton & Spandex

Real Pockets

Stylish Brass Rivets

High Contrast Stitching

Smooth Butt-Lifting Design

Wrinkle-Resistant Fabric

So comfortable you
can wear them to


Play with the kids


So fashionable you
can wear them to



Go out on the town

What real women are saying about ComfortisseĀ® Jeans:

"From now on, I'm sticking with my Comfortisse Jeans because they're the most comfortable jeans I have. Why go back to another pair of jeans that just, you know, cause pain?"

- Sally Fletcher

"They feel amazing. They feel soft.I've never worn jeans like these before."

- Kristin Allen

"The Comfortisse Jeans were just like a second-skin for me. Because they just move with you, they don't wrinkle up, they are not stiff, they're stretchy, they're really comfortable."

- Jane Targett

"Most women aren't those cookie-cutter shapes. But the Comfortisse Jeans are like the reverse: they fit every woman. They mold to your body, so it makes the specific shape that flatters you the best."

- Jennifer Inaba

"It feels great on my skin. The material is very soft, which usually jeans are a little rough, but these are soft and they fit my waist."

- Kathleen Freeman

"The Comfortisse Jeans are my jeans of choice now, simply because they are so comfortable and I don't have to spend the time looking for designer jeans. The designer jeans that I have are very stiff and not moveable. The Comfortisse Jeans are very soft and move well with your body."

- Sarah Bowles

"These jeans are so comfortable I feel like I'm wearing nothing."

- Daenah Flanagan

"Training as a gymnast and an acrobat is very serious and you have to focus a lot on your concentration.The last thing I want to do is worry about my limitations or restrictions from tight clothing that don't fit me. But these jeans fit me perfectly and never limit my mobility."

- Heather Graham